How to Improve SEO

I get a lot of questions from people in regards to SEO, or more specifically, how to SEO. I am not sure when SEO became a verb, but it is trending, so I am going with it. But to get … Continue reading

Are Google Raters Affecting Rankings?

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Reputation Management in Atlanta

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Hurdles in Responsive Web Design: Navigation

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How Google Determines if a Link is Trustworthy

Back in the day, it was fairly easy to get your website ranked #1 on Google. All you had to do was build as many links as you could, because more links equaled higher rank. As most SEOs know these … Continue reading

Login to WordPress and Add A Blog Post

1. Login to WordPress Once your site has been complete, we will give you a login URL, a username and a password. Go to your URL (usually and enter that username and password and you’ll be logged into your … Continue reading